What does ‘projekty domów nowoczesnych’ stand for?

Genesis of phrase: ‘projekty domów nowoczesnych’.

It is a Polish phrase and it literely translates into ‘modern house plans’. AS oposite to the UK building market, where few new houses were built in the recent years due to the trend of apartments, flat being build instead and old houses modernised rather than built from scratch in Poland many young families are building new modern houses, thus there is a big market for modern house plans- ‘projekty domów nowoczesnych’.

Sample website with ‘projekty domów nowoczesnych’.

There are many websites and companies specialising in selling ready-to-go modern house plans. First it is much cheaper to buy ready-to-go house plan and second there are so many of them with so many variations that there is little point to spend extra money just to get a custom plan of a local architect.

One of the pioneers on this ‘projekty domów nowoczesnych’ market is Archon+ Biuro Projektów based in Myślenice, ul Juliusza Słowackiego 86.Archon+ Projekty Domów Nowoczesnych

You can get a good picture of how ‘projekty domów nowoczesnych‘ look like for Polish house plans market going to: http://archon.pl/projekty-domow/domy-nowoczesne/2273/1


Polish Bakery in London.

History of polish bread.

Polish bread is not that different from a traditional London Bloomer, but it is heavier and thicker- more like a rye bread than soft wheat bread available across big chained shops in London.

There is actually a museum of Polish bread located not far from Katowice (i.e. Poland/South) with address: ul. Z. Nałkowskiej 5, 41-922 RADZIONKÓW and website at http://www.muzeum-chleba.pl/

Polish Bakery in London

One of the very few Polish Bakeries in London is named after a beautiful city of Krakow- Cracow Bakery Ltd and is based in North London(- Enfield to be precise).

It bakes traditional polish bread as well as famous polish cakes incl. cheesecakes.

More information regarding this traditional polish bakery in London can be found directly here.

1074 Consultant’s.

Welcome to 1074 Consultant’s website.

We provide a no nonsense Consultancy service for Facilities Management, Health and Safety advice and Business Continuity Planning at an affordable prices.

1074 Consulting is an independent consultancy practice, established in 2002. We are known for innovative work that has achieved successful outcomes for a broad range of clients, across the UK, from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the Channel Islands.

Just straight forward advice in a language you can understand.

Cheap Taxi Insurance Quotes.

Taxi drivers not only often work unsociable hours, but when it comes to getting renewals on their taxi insurance policies- they get hit, big time.

To many it comes as a surprise, but when you think about how many taxis are on roads every day, and how many of them are involved in accidents you may begin to realise a chubby cabbie isn’t the ideal customer to most insurers and brokers, as it comes with high risk of possible claim against his insurer.

That said there is only a dozen insurers specialising in taxi insurance covers in the UK. No new kids on the block and thus insurance prices going up.

Taxi and minicab insurance quotes can be made by phone, but few brokers out there have online quote systems in place.

Minicab website owners, try to aggregate all the useful information in one place. It may work if they give many different taxi insurers nad brokers rights to place articles within their blog section to simply let drivers know who they are and what is they offer.

Also commenting on such a insurance focused articles would benefit these companies who are genuine and with good level of support for their customers. Those who care about selling policies only, but when it comes to claims and after sale support would be exposed in comments as crooks or counts. For a minicab insurance quotes go to www.cheap-minicab-insurance.co.uk